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United Matriarchs of the Diaspora

United Matriarchs of the Diaspora


About Us


The Empress League is a cooperative and rights of passage for melanin rich women of the diaspora, founded by Oracle Empress Nubia Oya Damali.

Our Active Mission

We are committed to being in alignment with our divinity, righteousness, and individual life purposes, while executing solution-based missions that directly bring regal, righteous, and divine restoration to the melanin rich beings of the planet.

Our Real-Time Vision

We use our natural gifts and abilities to positively change the circumstances of our people across the planet. We work to collectively bring an end to the emotional, spiritual, psychological, economic, and physical suffering of our people across the diaspora.

The Process



While only 30 women will be accepted into The Empress League each year, we encourage all eumelanin rich woman of the diaspora to submit an application. The deadline to apply is February 29, 2020

If accepted, you will begin your induction process in March 2020.



Upon acceptance into The Empress League, you will begin your initial induction process. This includes:

1. Cleansing Bath

2. 1 on 1 Oracle Session with Oracle Oya

3. Natal Chart Reading

4. Trauma Healing Course

Each member of The Empress League is also required to grauduate from The Empress League University. Please review the Empress League University information in the next section of our website.

After graduation


After graduating from The Empress League University (ELU), each woman learns:

1. Her Life Purpose

2. What she should be doing right now

3. How to make money in her purpose

Each woman receives:

1. Assistance in building her life around her purpose

2. Her Official Insignia

3. Acceptance into our partnerish programs

4. Access to additional income streams

5. Consideration for Rights of Passage Ceremony

Rights of Passage


The first official Rights of Passage will take place Spring 2021 in Central America. Completing the Rights of Passage officially concludes your induction process. 

What to expect at the Right of Passage Ceremony?

This information is provided exclusively to women applying for induction, who have completed their Life Purpose process (see previous section).

Join Us


The Empress League University


The Empress LEagUE University - elu

ELU strives to provide women of the diaspora opportunities to evolve themselves across several areas of their lives. We believe in Whole Self Healing, and use that model to advance our women through our online program. Women who are interested in joining the actual Empress League Cooperative receive additional program steps - which are only made available to those being considered for membership. 

2020 Program Layout


Orientation: May 3-9

  • An acclamation to an Empress State of Mind

Herstory: May 10-23

  • A review of historical females figures across the diaspora. 
  • A review of spiritual practices across the diaspora.

Spiritual Cleansing: May 24- May 31

  • For Your Body
  • For Your Space

Altar/Sacred Space: June 1-7

  • Creating & Maintaining your altar

Meditation/Affirmation: June 8-21

  • Learn solution focused meditation skills
  • Mediate in under 35 seconds
  • The art of creating affirmations for every intention

Spiritual & Metaphysical Modalities: June 22-28

  • Tools and resources to promote a more grounded and fruitful spiritual life and overall wellness. 

Spiritual/Physical Protection: June 29 - July 11

  • Tools for Protection
  • Rituals for Protection
  • Self - Defense Basics

Ancestor Veneration: July 12-18

  • Connecting with your ancestors - When, Where, Why, How, Who.

Astrology & Numerology: July 19- August 8

  • Understanding Synchronicity  
  • Understanding & Applying Numerology
  • Understanding the Planets and their energy influences.

Improving Your Intuition: August 9-22

  • Identifying Your Spirit's Voice
  • Intuition Sharpening Exercises

Testing/Graduation Week: August 23-30

  • Testing on all materials
  • Empress League Coop Application Submission
  • Graduation Acknowledgements & Certificate Distribution
  • Badge Distribution


The Investment

Contact Us

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